Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Green Black

And hello. Hump day. and guess what? I have 1 week til I seat my butt on a big airplane and leave for...drumroll please... THAILAND!!  Yes, fiance and I are going on a 6 week holiday and I  CAN. NOT.WAIT!!  I have been really busy traveling with work and trying to finish projects leading up to going away on this trip so haven't been posting on here very much as a result.  Outfits have been pretty good but by the time I get home its too dark for photos-- sorry about that!!!

I have my leopard tights on today but you can't see the subtle pattern.  and I actually am annoyed with these ones (from le Chateau) as they have stretched out and are way too big and baggy after only 2 wears. Not a recommended brand in my opinion.

Happy Wednesday everyone.. I hope you are having a super day so far!! xox oJ


  1. Woah 6 weeks in Thailand? That is awesome! You are going to have such a blast! Yay for you :D Please take food pictures of local things.

  2. How pretty Jodi....sooo excited for you to be going away....what an incredible place to visit too!!!

    Good for you.....fellow Sag, whens your Birthday sweets?

    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  3. Oh, Jodi, how wonderful!!! What a fabulous vacation!

  4. That's SUPER exciting for you! I've always wanted to go to Thailand. You are going to have an amazingly good time, I know it.

    Also - holy, I LOVE the wrap cardi. It is GORGEOUS. The drape is fantastic, and it pairs so well with that green skirt.

  5. oh HELL
    girl, what a great trip and so long....
    have a fab time