Saturday, November 26, 2011

Red and Leopard

Well hello my pretties! Yes, its been awhile! I was away with work and a family visit and ended up getting snowed in for 4 days with no flights leaving. The first few days were nice but then I began feeling like I was held hostage with no way to leave!!  AND the worst thing about it was I had no internet so couldn't come by to visit you OR post outfits.  Not that my outfits were fancy- I was mainly lounging in comfy clothes or outside bundled up in the snow.

Anyway, I am back and its the weekend. That's all that matters.  Am off for my Saturday ride and then running errands in preparation for our big trip.    Hope you are all doing well!!! xoxo J


  1. Oh, my gosh -- I've never seen a scarf tied better than this! The X-shape shadows your (very attractive) figure and gives dimension to the outfit. You look terrific!

  2. Glad to see you back, Jodi! You look great as always...and I do love the scarf!

  3. wow hope you survived the big snow storm
    i am so in love with red all of a sudden, i used to hate the color on me and never wore it
    love this color combo!