Sunday, May 20, 2012

Professional Attire

Okay, so lately we have been working on a project with alot of high-powered 'consultants' as they have been referred to as <roll eyes>.  They are all men and are all wearing dark business suits.  The nature of the work I do is business casual, however, it has been hinted that we 'step it up' a notch for this particular job we are working on.
All I can imagine is all the creativity stripped from me and being reduced to dressing in this kind of outfit.  Please spare me!! Don't get me wrong, some ladies enjoy wearing this kind of outfit but personally I find it very dull and unimaginative.
I am finding it hard to have to believe that to accomplish results you sometime have to 'play the game' and dress the part.  I don't even own these kind of black and white suit-type items and collared shirts don't suit me either. Now I have to come up with some kind of 'power suit' to move forward with this project and work with some of the players involved.

I'm curious about your opinions and experiences with this kind of thing.  And forgive me if this sounds like a rant.. I guess it is though :)

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!! xox J


  1. Hi Jodi, I may be completely wrong here...but I think you can look professional, powerful, strong and in charge without being in a dark suit! For example, I think it is just as strong to wear a great fitting dress with a fitted jacket over it and the jacket can be any color...a pencil skirt with a beautiful blouse can be just as effective. It is more about what you communicate inside of the clothes you are wearing...if you feel strong, confident and in charge, I believe you can communicate that no matter what you are wearing. You need to be able to look in the mirror and think that you look like you are running the meeting whether you are or not! Your book cover doesn't have to be just has read LISTEN TO ME, I HAVE IMPORTANT THINGS TO SAY!

  2. Thanks Pam.. great reminder :) and I do agree with you!!

  3. I would agree with Pam and say that a pencil skirt is the way to go. It gives you more of figure and is definitely more fun than a boring black suit.

  4. i am afraid i have never been in the corporate world, but i am pretty sure i would not follow the rules of dress if i were. lol

  5. I guess if I had to be super corporate, i'd do it with elegance and polish. Sheath dress, blazer, expensive looking shoes.

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