Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What I wear in the Water

Well, I have a war story to share from the weekend. There I am in my wetsuit taking a gel just before the 2km swim start.  Innocent enough...

I had a bit of a crash and burn for my race. As you know, I have been feeling sick. I went into the race feeling 90%. Long story short I swam, biked and only ran about 5km and had to stop I was feeling so bad.  I was struggling to breath throughout the race and got to the point where I had to pull out. I haven't had to do this before and it was very disappointing.  YES the honest truth is I even cried as I walked the 5km back  toward the finish line. And all  the stuff runs through your head like " I am a loser, I'll never get better, I won't  have what it takes to do the next race... how will I ever do Ironman like this?... fatass...loser..."... you get the idea.. you know.. those little gremlins in your head that are oh so quick to rush in and fill your head full of not so nice thoughts!!!  DO YOU EVER HAVE THOSE??

Am on the mend this week, taking it easy. Eating perogies and I even had ice cream. Where is the real Jodi???? YIKES!!  :)

Hope you are all well and looking fabulous as ever!! xoxo J


  1. You still look AMAZING - even in a wetsuit.

  2. Sounds like the real Jodi needs some rest and relaxation. You need to get your physical strength back and stop beating yourself up mentally...I actually wrote today about a little demon war I had with myself over my really meager exercise attempt this week...You are an athlete so I understand why you are so down....but even athletes need a time for refreshment and renewal. Give yourself permission to do that...You will return even better, because the real Jodi will not settle for less!!

  3. Dear Jodi, the fact that you actually signed up already proves that you are NOT a looser! Well done! It takes a lot of courage and humongous amount of trainning to do this. I am a bit green with envy since I will not be able to do this kind of activity which I love for a long while since my back injury last December. Well hope you get better soon and while recovering drop by my blog and check it out will you?


  4. Oh, Jodi, I know you did the right thing by listening to the messages your body was sending you during the run. The trick is to tell the little voice to shut the f*** up.