Friday, June 15, 2012

Cycle Chic


So, this is my new favorite blouse. I love it for some reason. To me it's kind of boho and that's one look I am  experimenting with now that my hair is growing longer.  I also rode my bike downtown to run errands and meet a friend (HI LIAM).  When I was browsing in the bookstore I saw this book called Cycle Chic and I flipped through it, and very interesting and great outfits people are wearing when riding their bikes.  I do have a bike that now allows me to wear all kinds of outfits HOWEVER the helmet does no justice to the hair let me tell you.  Here's the link to a site that has some great Cycle Chic outfits if you are looking for ideas :)
Actually there is even a World Naked Bike ride, and it happens here locally every year too. Can't say its something I think I will ever do, but I guess you should never say never :).

I hope you all have a super weekend. I have a 180km bike ride and a 20 km run to do this weekend... wish me luck.. well.. I don't need luck, SEND ME ENERGY :)

Love ya MWAH xoxo J


  1. Great blouse -- and your hair looks terrific! I like it long on you. Suits you so well.

    Good luck in your endurance tests. You amaze me.

  2. A naked bike ride! My husband has just fixed up a pair of bicycles for us. If I manage to make that a regular habit...I'll be checking out the link.

  3. Yes, there was one in Ottawa and it caused quite a stir in such conservative city!

    How are you doing my dear? You are looking so beautiful and fit as ever!


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