Monday, August 8, 2011

Shorts Day

Shorts Day today.  You cant see my back but if you could you would see how sunburnt I am!!
I didnt put sunscreen on yesterday before my race an OUCH does it hurt!! BUT guess what?
I came in FIRST in my age category!!  Yesterday's race (my last triathlon of the season) was the HARDEST race I have ever done!! So I am quite proud that I did so well!!  That is 2 weekends in a row that I placed first (first time in history for me:).  Now I relax with 1 week easy training/recovery and then begin my half marathon hardcore training so I can focus on speed.

Not a new outfit, you have seen it before. Sorry to bore you :)

Have a super duper awesome kinda day!! xoxo J


  1. Whoa, congrats!!! First time is a fluke, two in a row is a pattern! Woot, woot! On another note, love the outfit, too.

  2. The hardest race you've entered and you won your category?! Wow!!! Jodi, you're as spectacular as we think you are!!

  3. Oh, Jodi, congratulations!!! That is just wonderful news. You're so fabulous!!!

  4. Congratulations! I'll be happy if I can even finish my race..haha

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  5. Congratulations!!!!!
    Wish you the best for the next one!
    Love the casual look!

  6. You go with your bad self iron-women ;)

    Can you wear shorts to work? I wish my company allowed that, and I guess I've never understood why skirts of the same length are okay, but short pants? way. It just makes mo sense to moi.