Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Haircut

My favorite red top from Anthropologie. We don't have this store here so the last time I was in San Francisco I got this and love the tone of red.  I also went to see my most favoritest hairdresser today and she fixed up my shaggy hair.  Now some more layers and thinned out and I feel fresh and spunky again!!  My coach also just sent me my half marathon training plan so I can focus on speed work over the next few months so I can run my fastest half marathon in October.. woo hoo.  Thats it for today lovelies!! xoxo J


  1. heyyy where were you last night?? and GREAT haircut!! Love the colour of the top! and nice tan line. hee hee. I have the same kind only square shaped.

  2. That's a gorgeous top. Both the design and the color really look wonderful.

    You know that I like your hair in general; the new cut gives it more interest. It's energetic and vibrant. I can't stop looking at it!

  3. Great hair cut! Love the color, too. You'll be looking lovely as you post a PR in October!

  4. The top is def beautiful and paired with pattern skirt looks nice. Is it weird that we dressed in the same outfit recently?

    xo Nav

  5. Super cute hair cut. And I love the top, especially with the b&w skirt.

  6. your Anthropologie blouse is lovely. I love that store so much. Thankfully there isnt one close by or my savings account would dwindle away very fast

  7. cute little doo girlie girl!
    love the top with that skirt
    go get 'em with your training, you make me tired just thinking about it

  8. Your hair looks fabulous, and that shirt does as well!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired