Wednesday, February 11, 2015

70's Skirt

This was fun today. I hung up an old plastic table cloth thing as a backdrop and it worked except for all the wrinkles and ripples.  I thought it would work well with this skirt.

I must say a big THANK YOU to Ally from Shybiker as the observation made was that I suited bold patterns the most and when I think about it I also feel better in these kinds of clothes so am now making more effort to create outfits based on that.  What a great bit of feedback that has made a big difference!

SO CRAZY-- I just wrote this then went over to Ally's blog and saw a post about me in bold patterns. NOW that is coincidence and so awesome. Wow oh Wow I am so honored!!!


  1. She is one big sweetie Ally : )

    This does look fab on you. Honestly the tablecloth thing worked. I thought the wrinkles were meant to be there.


  2. So, so wonderful! The outfit rocks. The skirt kills me and the neckline of the top is the perfect choice. Great selection of earrings, too.

    I didn't even see the wrinkles in the background 'cause all attention is drawn to you. Our minds "see" what they want to see, so don't fret over them. I applaud your effort at better photography.

  3. This one is definitely at the top for my favourite outfits you are showing off. Love the whimsical pattern in the shirt and you wear it so well!