Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter be Gone

The trees are all blooming here and the flowers are exploding with color.  Its almost but not quite time to pull out the spring clothes.  I will wear boots as late into spring/summer as possible though since its one of my favorite fashion items.

Do you have a fashion favorite that you wear all the time or would wear all the time if you could?


  1. I wish Winter will be gone soon... lucky you to have Spring already over there! I like your grey sweater here!
    My fashion favorite would be a colorful blazer. Something I do not really wear in Winter. Maybe thats why I dont like Winter :)

  2. Nice! Well-constructed outfit with a pretty pop of color. You're ahead of me in knowing how to tie scarves. And, if I were you, I'd wear boots EVERY DAY of the year.

  3. Well...if it would warm up above -18 C I might be willing to remove my fleece lined tights. You are so lucky that Spring is right at your door.

    I like the red scarf here.


  4. Oh, I love this scarf. And I wish I still lived where Spring is on it's way. It's 5 degrees here right now in Pennsylvania; I miss Oregon!

    Also, you asked about helmet-friendly hairstyles the other day. I do one of two things. Either I just pin my bangs back/up so most of my hair is down. Or I do a half-up/half-down look. Generally my helmet fits over both of those without too much trouble. In summer though, it does get hot!