Friday, February 6, 2015

Snapshot of a day

This morning I got up early (as usual), made a smoothy and then headed to the gym.  I had today off and had planned spending the morning working on my landscape plan for our front yard. My landscaping/designer friend was even going to come over and help me except she called to reschedule at the last minute.  So, I made myself a decaf coffee and checked my emails.  Then I thought that since I wasn't very fashionable instead I would give you a peek into my day.

Our kitty sat and watched me as she dozed off.

I checked email and listened to the radio (well, not THIS one:).  This radio was my grandfathers and it was the only thing I wanted of his when he passed away. Its a shortwave radio and I used to listen to international stations with him when I was young.

My favorite teapot I bought because I thought it was beautiful. Its not very practical though because the metal handle gets too hot when you have tea in the pot so you have to use a towel or oven mitt to lift it up to pour :(  probably why it was at the thrift store!

Our cute little vintage/retro salt and pepper shakers. The cat is salt and the fish airplane is pepper :)

I headed off into the pouring rain to do some photography and experiment with the new remote.

Jeans and jacket. That's me unplugged :)
I'm part of an online photography group and am currently doing a 365 challenge (a photo a day for 365 days) so I took advantage of having the day off to go practice my photography skills. I found a funky old vintage store with lots of cool things in it. What do you think?

Back home, I had a snack and wait til the man gets home and we are going for beer and a burger with an awesome couple that we train (triathlon) with.  Thats a snapshot of my friday.

What plans do you have this weekend?

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  1. Damn, girl! You keep impressing the heck out of us. Love the photography and the home decorations. You have style! The cat on a fish salt/pepper shakers are delightful. And an old shortwave radio from your granddaddy?! Priceless.