Thursday, February 5, 2015

Red and Leopard? Leopard and Red?

It was POURING rain today and I rode to work and home for lunch and back wearing this outfit and my beige trench coat. Yes, I got soaked. Especially my hair!  I just felt soggy and frizzy all day.  Thats life though right?  You just have to roll with it and not let circumstances dictate how your day goes.  I love riding my dutch-style commuter bike in skirts and heels and my bag in the basket on the back, its so fun regardless of whether its raining or not.

I definitely feel WAY better wearing defined waists, larger belts etc vs baggier looser clothing.  I just need to shake things up and mix and match more outfit ideas.

Tonight we are siphoning our homemade elderberry cherry wine into bottles.  How fun.  We're always making some kind of homemade concoction around here!

What are you doing tonight?


  1. I didn't think my admiration of you could get any higher but it just did. Riding in the rain?!! You're my hero!

    I ride my motorcycle in the rain all the time. People think I'm crazy but I enjoy it. Adversity is a spice that adds zing to life.

    My comment on an earlier post about you looking good in bold clothing must be repeated. You do. This outfit rocks.

    1. Wow, Shybiker, you always make me feel so good :) and I appreciate the comments as you are totally right!! Thank you for the encouragement :)