Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Stoopidest Purchase of the Year

An alien must have inhabited my body for a few hours on Sunday. I went to a store to pick up something for someone and walked out with this tunic. I even tried it on. I knew better than to even take it off the rack. I was thinking of Ally's comments "you look good in bold", I remembered Gracey's pattern mixing that I was so inspired by.  I took it off the hanger, into the change room, tried it on.  KNEW it wasn't flattering yet when I came out all the girls cooed and said, thats SO CUTE.  I even walked out with a smile on my face.

Tuesday morning. I get dressed.  Look like I'm wearing a sack.  The hubs convinces me I need a belt with it and tries to downplay the hideousness of it all.  I go to work dressed in it ANYWAY.

All day I just wanted to ask someone what they thought but I fought the urge to make them uncomfortable. I only needed 1, only 1 comment to reassure me that I didn't look like a complete clown. But I DIDNT ASK.

I even tried tying it in a knot at the side (Photo 4).  No returns.  Hopefully they might let me exchange it?

Do you ever return something if you have worn it for at least a few hours?
(At least I can laugh at myself here.... :(


  1. I hate stores that don't allow returns. Le Chateau is like that and I often don't shop there because of it. Mind you, where I mostly shop at consignment stores they don't offer returns either.

    I haven't returned anything that I've worn...that I can think of.

    Good luck!


  2. Ha! Well, it's comforting to know that even JODI is fallible. Boy, this tunic sucks. (I say that in the most sympathetic of ways.)

  3. LOL... I know.. I was soooo dumb.. not sure why but maybe I was hopefully thinking I would look like those fabulous skinny girls who DO look good in a sack hah hah... serves me right..

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