Monday, July 25, 2011



Guess what I woke up to this morning? No kidding, but there was a dead teddy bear hamster on the floor at the end of my bed!! Somehow one must have escaped in the neighbourhood and our cat got lucky!! Especially for an old senior cat to drag in a rather large and very fuzzy hamster. While I was shocked and thought it was totally bizarre, I was also sad that somewhere some little girl is likely crying about ol missing fuzzy.  Very very strange, especially since hammy wasnt even beat up or biten (that we could see)- he was just there with rigomortis setting in- all stiff and such...  YES, strange start to the day!!!

I have lost my mojo for both outfits and photography these days. I havent even done a good job capturing my full profile (feet cut off). How half a$$ed if you ask me!! Sorry ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens when one is in a hurry and has little to no wardrobe inspiration!!!

That said, I got tons of compliments on how great I look and how I have such great clothes and jewelry when I was away this weekend. While I dont want to admit it, that ALWAYS makes my day!!!

Happy Monday!! oxoJodi


  1. I love black and brown outfit combos! This is a great one! Love the skirt!

    Poor hamster... :(

  2. Poor hamster - that's terrible!

    I really like this outfit a lot - I love black and brown. And I have to say, I'm completely uninspired when it comes to my outfits too lately. Maybe when fall gets here I'll get excited again.

  3. I do really like your outfit posts and you have the perfect shape so all your outfits look really good on you.

  4. I actually laughed at your post...when my daughter was 8, she was watching TV with her hamster in her lap..petting "Teddy" for a long suddenly occured to me that I had not seen Teddy move for a long time...upon a closer look, I pointed out that I thought he had passed away..she screamed and hurled the hamster across that room like a rocket only to hit the wall and bounce back. That day it was a, we laugh and laugh at the memory..hope you don't think I am really morbid. On a lighter note, your outfit is great..really cute!

  5. oohh..I really love this-the black and brown combo! Yikes about the hamster.

  6. The compliments you're getting tell me that this blogging IS paying off for you.

    the case of the hamster is most curious indeed.

  7. awww, that is so sad and kinda creepy. I do miss having a cat, but I don't miss being greeted by dead rodents and birds.

    I do love your awesome leopard skirt however, and the great brown belt!

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. oh how creepy to find a dead hamster in your house
    you are right about some kid crying her eyes out this am though. sad
    is that skirt from Loft. looks just like one i have
    will have to try to style it like you