Monday, November 22, 2010

Remix 15: Down the other side

Day 15.  Down the other side.. now I  count 15, 14, 13.. days left of the challenge.  It is snowing today and people here are never expecting it. Road warnings and office closures. What the heck, I came home, it's a good excuse to work from home for the rest of the day.  It was tricky to get photos today, I had to act FAST, perhaps this is good practice for becoming a National Geographic photographer? LOL.  Let me say, I don't like these pants.  I did't before and I don't now. I thought if I forced myself to wear them during the challenge I would find creative ways to wear them. NOT. Boring!  They go bye bye in 15 days.

As you can tell, I came home, stripped down and got on the couch with my book. Now I am working though, really, I am. :).  Ella Fitzgerald, candy cane lane green tea and me. Thats the rest of my day. Oh yeah, and Deze, our cat.   Will be bye to see whatcha all wearin today for the challenge, and my other fav bloggers great outfits!!

Remix Items:  Black capris, green sweater, long sleeve white t-shirt, brown knee high boots.

HI to new readers, how exciting!!  I will be by to visit each of you real soon  xoxox J


  1. Oh my god, it looks so beautiful but so cold. I am loving your coat!!
    Thanks for the tag :)

  2. I love love LOVE that top photo! LOVE IT! now THAT is a great candidate for a profile photo! WOW! I'm so glad you went out in the snow and did this instead of inside. Way to go! Wow!!!

  3. Wow! I cannot imagine it snowing right now! We just hope that our Thnanksgiving and Christmas aren't too hot. I love everyones outfits in different climates! I also really love that belted coat:)

  4. JODI!! HEY WOMAN!! I can't believe that you are already on Remix #15! It seems like this year is seriously just gone!
    First, you look fab! The coat rocks and I am loving those boots miss!
    But I must say it look SO COLD there! Holy smokes!
    Have a wonderful week!!


    Everyone Loves Lipstick Blog

  5. It looks beautiful where you are!! And you are looking fab! I absolutely love your coat. Very Chic!

  6. You know I am a fan. Good stuff again. Really like the boots.

  7. This is one of my Favorite coats for sure..I got this for $40 at my secret consignment store... secret because if I tell you local ladies which one it is you will all go there and get the good stuff before me.. hah hah.. kidding, but I do love this coat... And wait til you see my other Favorite coat.. thats the one reason why I get excited about the cold weather.. its an excuse to wear the great winter coats.. stay tuned!!

  8. aha you got snow now! I think that is is great that you were trying to get yourself to like those pants, but now you know you don't want them. I agree with everyone else, your coat is awesome!

  9. I love your coat and that last photo is amazing (Pete will be proud of you). Can't believe you have snow - think we have some on the way too.

  10. You look very stylish despite the wretched weather! Also, thank you so much for following my blog. xoxo Ana

  11. You go the top photo...the snow looks amazing...I love your pants...but YOU have to love good for you for realizing that you dont:)

    Im all about the coat.....what a steal!! Of course I wouldnt be "Me being Me" if I didnt say..tight tights tights yeah:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Spotted Moth Giveaway♥

  12. I love your first picture! Your outfit is great and the background is amazing! Even though you hate the pants, I think you rocked them with the boots!

  13. hi Jodi, i'm so glad you visited me, because your blog is gorgeous!

    maybe we can share some tips, i've been thinking about doing a triathlon forEVER but i'm too lazy to do the swimming training. instead, i stick to what i know, and that's running (and biking).

    i <3 my toe shoes. they are SUPER comfortable. i know you read about my first running experience with them, and i attempted running the day after and it was NOT HAPPENING. i didn't run in them again until about a week later and i only got about a half mile before changing into my old running shoes (that i carried in a camelbak w/ the water pouch).

    the only thing is this: i wish i had gone up a size, i liked the tight fit of the 39's, and thought the fact that my left big toe barely grazed the end of the pocket wouldn't bother me too much, and it doesn't (well at least not that much). BUT it's cold now, and i want to wear socks, and i can't :( i really think i should have sized up, but then again i can't know for sure because i felt like i would be tripping over all the extra space in all the toes except my big toe.

    a good website to look at is

    perhaps i should have emailed you all this? oh well! hopefully someone else can benefit from this info as well :)

    OH! also i am loving your outfit, but i get that you don't like the pants, i bet a tighter style tucked in your boots would have been amazing. other than that i SUPER love the classic look you've got going on!

  14. Hi there. I also love your boots. I am such a sucker for a good pair of boots, I think it comes from a love of being warm in a cold climate. I will get better about posting photos, I'm always nervous that they won't turn out well. I'll be posting about ten on Friday.

    P.S. Argyle socks make any day better. I love them and will wear mine tomorrow.

  15. Wow, your photos are beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog, and I love your coat!

  16. I've been trying to comment and my iPad always freezes after I hit publish commemt! But, I am not giving up!

    Okay, here goes - J, you look absolutely beautiful here! So serene, confident and strong!

    I do love the coat but O love how you carry yourself here!

    And - Congratulations on all your followers, WOW!


  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi! I love this look, especially the boots. Gorgeous shots too.

  18. I replied to your comment on my blog, but I just wanted to say thank you again for visiting! I love the argyle tights, I've been wanting a pair from Nordstrom. I hope they're still available after the challenge. Love your photography, too :)

  19. Love your coat so much!
    I read about you on Colette's blog and she had right, you make me smile!

  20. Hey! I was sent to your blog via Statement's In Fashion Twitter Tuesday! I'm so happy you were featured! I love your blog! Beautiful photos! I'll be following!!

    Join the Kabuki Cocoon Sweater Shrug Giveaway...It's a good one!!

  21. Love the green cardigan and your boots. They belong in my closet! :)