Sunday, November 21, 2010

Remix 14: Day before the Middle

Day 14.  Tomorrow is the middle of the challenge. I must admit, I am wondering what outfits I will come up with.  I have alot of clothes overall and still there are many mornings I look in the closet and say to myself " I have nothing to wear".  Buying more clothes is clearly NOT the solution and I am appreciative of having this challenge to make myself be more creative with what I have.

I did yoga and weights first thing this morning and then got gussied up for a trip to my favorite health food store.  Basic black outfit, not too exciting but I failed to think of weekends when picking my 30 items!!

Remix Items: Black skirt, black turtle neck, brown knee-high boots.
I got the necklace and beads when I was in West Africa a few years ago.  I worked on a forestry project there for 1 year and it was amazing!!

Happy Sunday. Now I have to go out and hold the ladder so fiance can put up the xmas lights. Glad its him and not me :)


  1. We just put our lights up the other day before the snow hit. Enjoy!
    I Love that necklace and those bracelets.

  2. Soooooo beautiful :))))


  3. oooh lights! I think we are doing ours next week :) Well I like your outfit, so I think you are doing great with the challenge. And your tights are purple! That is a nice pop of colour.

  4. loving your boots, keep it up girl you are nailing this challenge

  5. gorgeous outfit hunnie...LOVE the tights of can go a long way with the right look fab....and the photo location is so sweet!!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
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  6. Great outfit - and I dig how you rock the bright tights. :)

  7. Great outfit! I especially love the necklace. I just love unique pieces like that. It's really cool you got to spend time in West Africa.

    I also did the Christmas lights and tree this weekend. A lot of work but totally worth it!

  8. hey! Thanks for introducing me to your blog. I'm loving it.

    I totally agree with your outlook on the challenge. This challenge has been so good for me to monitor my consumption habits. It's made me feel more content with my 'look'. Keep it up!


  9. I'm liking those boots! And the bracelets are soo cute!
    I ran the mud run, and let me just say, I'm in pain! That Saturday, my ankle hurt, and then later on that night my knee was in great pain, so I took a nice bath, the next day when I got out of bed, my ribs were in great pain! Today the ribs are slighlty healing, but when I laugh they hurt so bad! Overall, my weekend was fun though, and I'm soo happy I did my first 5k!

    Ps. I featured you in my blog!

  10. Read your blog everyday. A couple of days ago you mentioned that you had lost some followers and you pondered as to why and whether or not it even mattered. Let me say, I LOVE your blog precisely because it does seem like you actually have a relationship with your readers. The first entry of yours that I ever read was when you wore the leather skirt to work. I could tell it took courage for you to do that and you were looking for support from your readers. I say bravo! Keep doing things the way you like and the readers will come and go. The good ones will stay.

  11. Oh I love this outfit!! The necklace is so cute, and has a great story behind it, too.

  12. I love the details in this outfit! The belt and necklace and the pop of color from the tights are just fantastic. Of course, I may or may not be especially biased in favor of this outfit since I was also wearing a black skirt and black turtleneck yesterday.