Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bethany Jane Designs: My first Giveaway

Oh, I'm so EXCITED!! Myself and my friend Benny of Bethany Jane Designs, came up with this GREAT idea!!  This weekend we did a photoshoot (with MOI as the photographer)- Do you like the photos???  And anyway, Bethany Jane Designs is now my first official sponsor (woo hoo) and we are doing our first collaborative Giveaway!!  I love this!!  Let me introduce you to Benny, drumroll please!!! :

Bethany Jane Designs is a small hand made jewelery company, based out of Victoria BC.  It all began in 2006 when my good friend Yarrow and I were working as servers at a remote resort on the West Coast and had a boring black uniforms so she started making earrings to spice up our look to be different every day!.  The company is currently based in Victoria BC and has been a journey migrating from Montreal to the West Coast.   Things really took off after a trip to Guatemala in fall of 2006 and arriving back to Canada filled with inspiration and beauty.

Bethany Jane is my given name and most people know me as Benny.  My designs are inspired by fashion, travel, people and the natural environment.  I have  collected the materials from various places across the country making each piece of jewelry truly one of a kind.  Much like my wardrobe which I collect from vintage shops, locally made designs, hand me downs and of course accessorized with my own creations!!  I like to add a pair of my fabulous earrings to take any outfit to the next level or change the look entirely: choosing funky turquoise, classy pearls, or free spirited feathers!

Jewelery is compelling to me as a way to express beauty, inspiration and passion. For me art is about creating something beautiful out of a space of unknowing … Art makes me excited about life, fashion and people!
Together, we are offering a Giveaway of Bethany Jane Designs signature turquoise earrings (shown below).
To enter the Giveaway:
1.  Be a follower of day2daywear (click on follow and signup on the sidebar to the right)
2.  Post a comment below sharing something interesting about yourself (that would help us to get to know   
3.  Join Bethany Jane Designs on Facebook OR follow on Twitter at bjmdesigns

Contest closes at midnight on November 10, 2010.

I have several pairs of earrings that I totally LOVE and will be showcasing some more real soon!!! Love ya, mwah! j


  1. Hellllooooo sister!! You KNOW I am ALL over this one!!
    Congrats to you on your first sponsor!! Thats amazing....:) and.....I now see my little avatar in your sidebar....sweet:)

    Something interesting about me...hmmm....I, (in part) base my weekly clothes shopping list on things I WISH I had when I get dressed, in "my, a ______ colored scarf would have looked SOOO great with this"!!
    I put the item on my list and snatch it up on the weekend.

    Stop By and Say Hello♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  2. Fantastic! Congratulations on your very first (of many I'm sure!) sponsor! And yay for Benny! So what if I'm already a follower? Then what? Do I just tell you something about me?

    I gotta admit, I love what Collette says about herself...that made me smile.

    Something interesting about me? I am a leader in all areas except fashion. A total follower in that world. So bring it. Any suggestions you have, I want.

  3. WOW this is so amazing Jodi!! YAY your very first sponsor, that is SO AWESOME!!!
    I am a follower already!
    Something interesting--hmmm.....I secretly like to watch the reality show Teen Mom and my husband thinks its hilarious!
    I am about to go follow Benny on Twitter!
    I am loving those earrings!


  4. Oh wow awesome! Already a follower of the blog, so number 1 is taken care of. 2) I am not a big jewelry person, but it is because I don't have much that I love. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE these, they are so beautiful and I love the turquois. I guess something interesting about me is that I am a marriage counselor who isn't married?? I make music videos of my cats? I lost 80 pounds and have done 2 half marathons to celebrate? I don't know what else! I'll join on FB as well. Hope your giveaway goes well Jodi!!

  5. Yah! to your FIRST GIVEAWAY and YAH to Bethany for being so DANG! Talented!.... I'm a follower of yours {of course!} and I am the newest follower of Bethany on Twitter!!! {@QueenEarlGrey}.

    As far as something about me that’s interesting... Hmmmm how about that I was never really a jewellery person until about 4 years ago when I came to the realization that even when wearing all black jewellery can make an outfit POP....Ever since then I’ve been obsessed... ask my husband - we can vouch for my insanity!

    Yours Truly

  6. Hi Benny! Your photos are beautiful, gorgeous colors. Jodi, I am also a huge fan of the section a few scrolls down showing how to match jewelry to the neckline of your clothing!! I feel like I constantly have this problem!

    A bit about me: I've been in school for the last 22 and a half years straight. Its nuts! I need to stop it and join the real world.

    About my fashion: For those of you who have been to the east coast, almost my whole wardrobe is from Frenchy's!


  7. awesome blue coat !!! and yeey on your first giveaway !!!

  8. I am a follower
    I became a fan through FB of the site
    I drool over the earrings with the birds on the photo gallery

    something interesting about me : duh...obsessed with make up, jewelry and boots. SOOOOOOOO original! Well I am french and I moved to Canada 6 years ago with nothing but 2 gigantic suitcases , 2 kids and a hubby !

    Caro xxx

  9. The earrings are lovely and you did a wonderful job on the pictures. Yay for you :)

  10. all tasks have been completed, sign me up! :)

  11. i now follow with gfc. i enjoyed the post on shooting yourself while the yahoo coached from the sidelines. :-) takes confidence on your part. i really like fall because of the fashion- boots, scarves, layers of texture and warmth, the colors, etc. the earrings are lovely. that color blue is one of my favorites!

    divertida at fastmail dot fm

  12. I just followed you and bjmdesigns on twitter!

    Those earrings are gorgeous, I love turquoise! What a great giveaway!

    Something interesting about me: I have a spreadsheet with all my clothes on it so I can keep track of when and how often I wear things.

  13. Okay first off I lovvvvve your purple tights in the post below! You rock them!
    Second I posted my lame apple pictures ha ha.
    Third I would love to win these earings, but I don't have my ears pierced .. BUT my mom does! *Hint hint.. ;)

    She would love them!

    (If only you guys lived near each other, you would have soo much fun going to thrift stores, I would come as well! You could pick me out some tights!)

  14. Love the pictures! Really nice.

    And - sounds like a great partnership, congrats!

    My "interesting" thing about me is that my true passion would be to be a chef. Only... I don't want to work weekends or evenings - is that possible? Instead, I work my normal 50 hr week job to pay the bills and simply cook up a storm on the weekends ;)

    PS> also following!

  15. OK, I am a follower, joined on FB, and the interesting thing about me... I used to be a major tom-boy and didn't like dresses or skirts until I was about 22.
    Also, Jodi these pics are awesome! Nice work.

  16. Ohhh a local designer! Very cool!

    did all the things required (psst those starfish earrings and utensil earrings are awesome!)

    Something interesting about myself is I work in the coffee industry, but I do not actually like coffee :X

  17. You're a great photographer, and I totally love Bethany's boots!

    I'm a twitter follower now... and something interesting.... ummmm this is hard...
    Alright, it's been five minutes. I can't think of anything.

    Congrats on your first giveaway and sponsor!

    Chic on the Cheap

  18. Wow, beautiful give-away! Why don't you just pick me and you can give it to me in person when we go for a shopping date!


    I just saw your Lovely Ladies feature, I love it! And your sidebar that shows the photos of the bloggers, they're like little avatars!


    Win a Yola Couture Designer Dress at:


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  20. I follow and joined Bethany Jane Designs on twitter.

    Something about me...
    I used to wait tables while I put myself through college. I have mad respect for servers now.

  21. I'm a follower.

    Following on Twitter.

    I have two cats and a pug dog.