Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nautical Nellie

Happy September!! Yes, I am back. I didn't really go anywhere other than on a relaxing holiday and hanging out with friends and family, gardening, canning peaches, drying apricots, making applesauce, cycling, swimming, yoga, reading... actually LIFE stuff!!  It is my off season for a few months which means I don't have a regimented training plan and I have alot more time to hang out and do spontaneous stuff!!  So I think I read somewhere about some rule to NOT wear white after Labour Day??  Whatever! Rules are to be broken. Just like I am wearing flats and a skirt. My ankles are big so I am not supposed to wear flats with skirts or capri's (looks like my gargantuan legs smashed the heel flat on the shoes apparently :).    I have to walk downtown a few times today so comfort comes first!!  Ideally I would have worn my red patent sling backs but nope. Not today!!  PS-- see that cute little necklace I am wearing??  Marilou gave it to me when I came to Ottawa... it is the key to Ottawa :)  LOVE IT.

I MISSED YOU ALL.  Can't wait to read up and find out what you have been wearing and whats new in your lives!! And of course, what you have been planning for your FALL wardrobes!!!
MWAH, double MWAH xoxo J


  1. You look lovely!!
    Glad you chose to break the rules...white's too great to not wear for half a year!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  2. Life stuff sounds fab and that is a very pretty necklace. I'm a great one for comfort, especially when it comes to my feet (I don't do heels really). You manage to combine comfort and style.

  3. Hi Jodi...the skirt looks great...I think the rule is out the window..and when something fits this well, then ignore the rule no matter what! I would love to learn how to can peaches..they are one of my favorites, maybe next season I will give it a try...if we ever get rain to water them!!

  4. Glad you've been living a full life. Most bloggers disappeared the past two months for summer fun. I like this top a lot.

  5. Yay you are back! Good for you that you took some time away! Blogging is hard work, i tell ya!

    haha funny about not wearing white after Labour day as I will keep wearing mine until snow falls!
    You look beautiful - stripes, white and the marroon belt, totally my kinda look!


  6. Hi, nice to see you back looking fab as ever!

  7. Yeah for breaking the rule. The white skirt looks great and it sounds like you've been having a fantastic time. Would love to taste those apricots.

  8. To hell with rules. I may just wear it all winter long.

    You look super cute today, and I think the flats are perfect.