Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lizard Green Top

I recently bought this top and I asked the lady in the store what she thought of this color on me, that I was TOLD that this was not my color and I was asking for her opinion.  She was so cute, must have been in her late 70's and was volunteering at the thrift store.  She said " Dearie, don't EVER let someone tell you what you can and can't wear".  LOL I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day just because of the way she so boldly stated her thought.  Anyway, I did buy it and I do know its not amongst the best colors for me but sometimes you need to climb out on a limb and do something different.

Worked from home today and had a quick meeting downtown so casual attire for the day.  Not much else to report other than I had an absolute KILLER swim workout this morning. It was so hard I was puffing and wheezing through the whole set. Our coach then told us-- "This workout was designed for you to fail so that you know what you can improve on for next time".  OUCH and he is right but boy I don't like swimming so hard it feels like my heart is going to leap out and rip a big hole right in my bathing suit!!!  YOWSERS!!

Happy Hump Day!
xo J


  1. Wow, you've returned to being a vigorous fashion-blogger. Love all the outfits.

    This one works beautifully. All of the elements mesh. You look soooo good in these pants.

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  3. I love those pants on you!