Monday, April 22, 2013

Victoria's Secret Pants

Okay, I must admit. I always referred to it as Victoria Secret. Well. It is actually Victoria's Secret with an S.  I feel like I am wearing someone else's pants today though by calling them Victoria's Secret Pants-- like they are Victoria's pants that are secret. I have felt abit weird about this all day like she (meaning Victoria) is going to phone or text me any moment and tell me she wants her secret pants back.  Anyway. I am still good to go. She hasn't called yet.

Happy Monday. You can't see my killer quad and calf muscles but I promise you they feel strong from my 400 km ride this weekend.. was awesome. I feel like WonderWoman!!

xo J


  1. Great outfit. Love the color up top. BTW, there is no Victoria. A man started the company and he made up a fictitious woman for marketing reasons.

  2. LOL.. oh this puts my mind to ease.. I dont have to worry about giving the pants back.. heh heh

  3. Great the way you are wearing your hair!!