Saturday, July 17, 2010

Daily Outfit July 16, 2010

According to my body type I shouldn't wear stripes around the shoulder, upper body area.  This is my renegade side- wearing them anyway.  I got this outfit ideas from Kendi Everday , she is ultra cute and I love her ideas.  Another hot day and I gear up for another weekend of long workouts.

What do YOU wear that you are supposedly NOT to.. how are you a fashion renegade?


  1. Well since I'm the only one who knows about your blog then I'll answer the question. :-) I recently bought a tshirt with horizontal stripes as well. I am definitely not supposed to wear horizontal stripes..but it was pink..I had to have it. And I think it looks damn good...and I'm gonna wear it..dammit!

    I like the tshirt with the red belt...i think shorts...shorts would be great with this outfit. You know the long ones you can wear the shorts i think they call them. those would be fantastic with that tshirt and belt...

  2. cool, I like the idea.. and I do have some of those shorts.. Hey, lets have a pic of you in your Pink Stripped top!!!