Sunday, July 18, 2010

Daily Outfit July 17, 2010

Saturday was our 90/90/90 day.  What that means is we had to do a 90 min run followed by 90 min bike followed by a 90 min run.  As you can imagine, I was tired when I got home.  Quick shower and get ready for a guest to come over.

Here's my quick attempt at cleaning up for company. H&M shirt dress with black dressy flip flops.

I LOVE these turquoise earrings, they were made by a friend- her stuff is gorgeous-- you can see it at Bethany Jane Designs.

Colors to wear with Turquoise Jewelery
Colors that look good with turquoise necklaces and earrings include:
Black (of course!!)
Blue (various shades)
   Good next to gemstones that are silver or white.

Fashion Stylists say that "turquoise looks best this season (2010) paired with cognac, white or black diamonds or with lapis or malachite set in feminine designs that are not too ethnic or chunky."

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