Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Beginning of Something New

I finally broke down awhile back and went to see a fashion consultant. I had always been curious about what other styles and colors would work for me and while I thought I was pretty intuitive about what suited me or not, it was incredibly helpful to give myself the gift of a wardrobe consultant.

As I said, I am tall and athletic- I am not someone with spindly little delicate legs like a spider, or long graceful fingers and beautiful hands. Nope. I am someone who grew up chopping firewood and playing sports with the boys. Someone who could piggyback their drunken girlfriends back home after a girls night out on the town. I pride myself on being strong, and I have more recently began experimenting with what a funky, sexy wardrobe would look like for me.

Body Type
From all my reading, I am typically the 8 shaped or hourglass body-type. Not really a pear, since my weight isnt really down around my thighs, its more in the hips- nice wide hips (good child-bearing hips as my grammy would say). So based on the feedback I was given, these are some things for me to keep in mind while shopping:

Clothing Guidelines
Neckline: soft scoop, V or U, rolled collars, bias cowl or turtlenecks, mandarin or stand up collars, soft open blouse collars
No-No's: polo collars, tailored collars, boat neck, square, jewel, crew neck. No shoulder pads (this is a no-brainer!!)

Shoulders: set-in sleeves, halter style
No-No's: dropped or dolman sleeves

Arms: long sleeves at correct length, sleeveless, cap or higher 3/4 length

Bustline: detail in tops, piping, pockets, ruching, plackets, softly fitting bodice, cardigans with high-med V, scoop necklines
No-No's: boxy styles

Waistline: medium-wide width bands, medium-wide belts, belts in monchromatic colors, fly front slacks with flat front

Hips: cutaway front or side vents in tops, jackets, etc, tunic tops, 3/4 sweaters and tops, tops no shorter than mid hip, straight or A-line skirts
No-No's: pleated front pants, cropped jackets, tapered pants

Legs: slim- medium pant leg width, straight, bootcut, flare leg, capris below full part of calf, cropped 2" above ankle, skirts above the knee.

My goal is to funk up my wardrobe with color, jewelery and maybe even a new hairstyle so lets see where this journey takes us...

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  1. WOW Jodi, that's some thorough guidelines. I am a different body-type that you are but then again my body isn't perfect and I don't aim perfection when I get dressed. As long as I am happy & feel comfortable inside my skin and in my clothes, I am good. =) Have I made any Fashion mistakes? Hell Yeah! LOL Will I make some more? Probably, most likely!! But everyday the more I get to know myself and the more I get to know my body, also the more I read (fashion magazines, fashion blogs, style tips, etc.) the more I help myself how to dress nice and look elegant & chic - my signature style.

    P.S. I love your hairstyle and cut. ;-) Like I said earlier, you rock it.