Saturday, July 3, 2010

Some Pop

As you can see, I have a nice farmers tan on my arms from training, but alas, this does not stop me from wearing short sleeves.  We had a bbq to go to and I pulled this dress out to wear since it is finally warm enough to wear something like this.  My dilemma with this dress is how to add some PoP to it.   I carried a muted pink colored bag that was nice, but am looking for other ideas.  What kind of jewelery would be good with this dress??

When I first entered the world of blogging and began reading other peoples posts I was quite surprised that there were people that went to the trouble of photographing themselves everyday.  I even thought " how self absorbed".  As I kept going back and reading the blogs I could see a transformation occur, and creativity expand, and even see how the authors were getting more adventurous.  So this blog for me is just that- an adventure in self expression and documentation of my transformation over time.  Its already interesting looking at myself in these photos and seeing how I look- Maybe I am not as fat as  I thought I was, maybe my red shoes would go with such and such an outfit- so I am seeing how blogging can give a whole other perception of self. Interesting!!  

We are waiting to receive the battery charger for our new camera as well so I can play around with taking better photos.

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  1. what about a light scarf? Something in a soft silk? Scarves are all the rage. While I was in Italy, I took some covert fashion photos, mostly focused on scarves and they really do add something to an outfit.