Monday, December 31, 2012

My first KNIT

Well hello everyone!! I spent a good amount of time visiting family over the holidays and where my mom lives she is not connected to the internet so it was actually a good break from being on the computer.  One of the things I DID do was teach myself to knit.  This is my very first knitting project and I had no pattern or anything.

Ingredients: 2 fat knitting needles and 2 balls of wool from the thrift store.  This infinity cowl cost me $2.00 in wool and about a day of time to knit.  It was fun to make (and yes there are lots of mistakes in it :) but was a learning experience.  I am now half way through my second one (grey wool) and will show you the results soon!!

I hope everyone enjoys your last day of 2012!!! xo Jodi


  1. Jodi, I am so proud of you...the color is gorgeous! Good for you to learn to knit! Have a wonderful New Year...I am recovering from wedding weekend!

  2. Happy new year! And well done Your knit work. Byby from carina

  3. Happy New Year to you also! Wonderful scarf for your first try. Wow!