Thursday, December 6, 2012

That 70's Top

I was driving through one of the neighborhoods in town that is abit rough and lower income. I saw this mural on the wall of the school so stopped along the pathway. There is alot of bullying at that school so they have painted all kinds of anti-bullying murals along the walls.  Sad that not only kids but adults can be so cruel to each other, and often as a way to cover up their own fears about things.

On another note, breaking another fashion rule. I am not supposed to wear empire waist type clothes. Some days you just want to be a renegade. AND I bought a new cape today too, another item I shouldn't wear. I look forward to seeing how it looks via outfit photos. That always helps to put it in perspective. Like that purple tunic vest I tryed a while back.  I took that sucker back after seeing these photos!!!  The other stupid purchase was the Chewbacca Sweater. Oh well, at least I am learning!! LOL

xo Jodi


  1. I actually like that top on you and the colors are so pretty.

  2. Fun location. Cute outfit. And rules are for the little people...