Sunday, October 7, 2012

What to wear when you say Aloha

Today's adventure was a drive up island to Waimea- rancher land and very beautiful. Theres this long red road (Mana Road) that we love running on so I had the pleasure of getting in a 1 hour 45 min run through Hawaiian ranchland and absolute peace and quiet.  That was followed by a stop at a funky coffee shop where I had a really great yerba mate/coconut tea.  On the way back to Kona we stopped and made a coral heart in the lava for a friend who collects heart and love photos (mentioning no RITA names:)

Finished off the day with a swim and now relaxing as the sun goes down.  Oh yeah, and I love my little skirt.. its the kind you would think is too short and your butt would hang out but its got the built in short  shorts so its all good :) woo hoo

Hope you are enjoying your sunday!! xox J


  1. I am so envious!! Enjoy your time there, Jodi!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day. And, yes, that skirt's not too short!

  3. you lucky lady! Hope you are having a great time!