Wednesday, October 10, 2012

a date at 13,000 ft

 Today's adventure was above the clouds. We drove up to Mauna Kea, which is pretty wild being up above the clouds at 13,000 ft.  They warn about altitude sickness and we actually both did feel abit weird but not enough for it to bother us.  It was really windy as you can see.. and you can also see that this is another ' Jodi Unplugged' holiday. No I am not the girl with the maxi dress and flowers in her hair when I am in Hawaii. Instead I am in sporty clothes running, hiking and swimming every day, and its a pleasure to go without makeup and not care how I look!!  Give a girl a tan and she is ready to go!!

We are half way through our trip. Fiance does Ironman Hawaii on Saturday so that will be a big day. WOW all I can say is there are some absolutely enviable and drool-able bodies walking around town.  Top triathletes from around the world are here.. all the ones I read about in Triathlete magazine. and there they are in the grocery store buying gatorade and papayas. RAWR :)  In all seriousness, it is very inspiring and I am so close to qualifying to compete in this race myself I am going to continue to work hard to get here!!  Over and out from the deck of our poolside condo!! woo hoo

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  1. Wow! Not only are you in fabulous Hawaii, but you're at Kona for the Ironman. Wow! Wow! Wow! That's in my dreams kind of stuff. Say hi to Chrissie W (my hero) and wish your fiance all the luck in the world for this amazing challenge.
    I hope you get the chance to qualify for this race one day. I know that's got to take a lot of work and dedication. But you can do it!