Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Daily Outfit: Problems bigger than Greasy Hair

Well hello there! As you can see, I am looking tired and I have greasy hair today.


1. Covered with an oily substance.
2. Producing more body oils than average.

I actually thought my hair looked okay until I saw these pictures.  Oh well, if you stop reading here and now I get it. And just FYI the grease is from all the product from yesterday, yes.!! As for the dress, I got it at the consignment store I went to on the weekend however, notice that the gathering in the front makes me look like I have a pouch hanging in front of me.  Kind of like my aging cat, who when she runs her little stomach pouch sways back and forth. This might have to take a trip back to a different consignment store. The backdrop is at a school and while I was taking the pics this morning there were a bunch of kids doing some kind of running drills and they were running back and forth huffing and puffing right close to my tripod, meanwhile I am thinking "little buggers, you'd better not knock my camera over" hah hah.  Disclaimer: I DO like kids :).  So anyway, I do promise to wash my hair tomorrow to look all clean and presentable for you all and in the grand scheme of things, Think Globally, Stop Racism and Don't Think Small are all much more important things to get our attention anyway.  Happy Tuesday night, off to eat my salmon and steamed broccoli for din din.


  1. I like the draping of the dress, but I can see what you mean by the pouch. And my hair was SO greasy today (I wanted to see how long I could really go with out washing it, and apparently 5 days is too many.

    I REALLY want the wide angle lens as well. Ohhh, how I lust. I thought I could appease myself with a fisheye lens adapter ($50) which is fun, but not really the same. Someday.

    And I use a remote instead of the timer. Timer is much too tricky with shallow depths of field. You can get one for about $12, so it's a worth while investment ;)
    Just don't forget it's in your pocket and do the wash.

  2. I swear by dry shampoo for exactly this reason. I hate washing my hair everyday. Rene Furterer has a great one.

  3. LOVE your dress dollie....you look great as usual..Id never say your hair looked greasy...you crazy lady!!! lol.....LOVE the photoshoot background....you are just evolving everyday love....now to get your little dupa some jewels:)

    Please email me your address love, and when you are leaving fro your trip:)

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  4. You look fantastic. My favorite is the last photo. I love it. And eww...greasy hair. LOL...I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't said anything. LOL...and the dress is awesome! never mind the pouch!

  5. elle est vraiment très jolie ta robe, et j'aime beaucoup la couleur

  6. Hello, thanks for following my blog, I've followed yours in return! I love comments and I love commenting on other people's blogs too - can I just say your hair is not greasy looking, you have lovely hair! The dress is super cute on you too xx

  7. Stunning outfit, the color looks beautiful on you :)


  8. Wow, the purple really stands out in these photos! I love your blog titles - brilliant!