Monday, August 23, 2010

Daily Outfit: Cow Print

First thing FIANCE said this morning was " that's your turtle shirt".  WTF?  Turtle? Anyone clearly knows this is cow print.  This is a reminder that you should only listen to men's fashion advice when you like what they say!!  And can you believe my hairdresser is on holidays?  What am I supposed to do in a time of need?  From this picture I am also deducing that capri's are not the best for my body  type. Don't get me wrong ladies, I didn't wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.. just a little groggy from Naan filled Indian dinner last night... ohhhh carb hangover.


  1. Uhm..that's not really a cow print either...that's more of a...something else. That does not remind me of a cow when I look at it. Which is good news for you Jodster. :-) And I LOVE the shoes!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes!! And I can think of what you can do with your hair. I think it's cute right now. Perfect length to decide to go longer....just sayin'...

  2. Hello...thanks for stopping by my blog....:) I think the capris look fab on the pink splash of color on your shoes:)

  3. That's a nice outfit for a casual summer day I think. Not too fancy, but pretty.