Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Daily Outfit: Sandals Weather

I like to squeeze in wearing sandals as long as possible.. even though you all know I LOVE BOOTS, I still love having my little piggies free (didn't your mom ever call your toes little piggies? You know, this little piggy went to market... this little piggy stayed home...?  If not, please ignore me :)  Anyway, came home at lunch and the light was weird for photos so I did it in B+W.  My top is brown and white pinstripe, brown belt (I practically live in this belt) and taupe/carmel colored skirt, camel colored sandals.  And I have a bad hair day today- cant seem to style it like the hairdresser did, that's another thing I would love to learn is good hairstyling skills.  Hello to new readers.. would be great to see you on the follower list so that we know you, and would love to say HI.- ps. I am friendly, I just don't smile in photos :O


  1. Great outfit and I love the black and white. Although that skirt sure does look good in colour!

  2. Hey Jodi, nice B&W:) Gorgeous outfit...and yes, I have "piggies" too, hehehehe

    I struggle with lighting on my pics too.....all the time.....:(

    You look fabulous...very vintage style:)

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