Tuesday, September 21, 2010

6 Wardrobe Items Your Style Can’t Live Without (YouLookFab)

Great post from Angie over at YouLookFab

6 Wardrobe Items Your Style Can't Live Without

Fabulous Colour Expert and Designer Maria Killam from Colour Me Happy inspired this train of thought with her recent newsletter article on 5 Accessories Everyone Should Have in Their Home. I tried to come up with an equivalent list, but outfit accessories are such a personal choice that I found it impossible to suggest the 5 accessories everyone should have in their wardrobe.

Instead I’m doing the 6 wardrobe items your style can’t live without. I don’t usually generalize about this sort of thing, because age, lifestyle and fashion persona play such a crucial role in determining what wardrobe items are best for you. But just for fun I gave it a bash! So here they are:
  1. A jaw-dropping pair of jeans: Any silhouette, any wash, as long as you feel KILLER when you wear one of fashions most extraordinary clothing inventions.
  2. A beautiful pair of boots: Luscious handbags aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but boots evoke lots of positive emotion. Any style, any colour, as long as you feel powerful when they grace your feet.
  3. A delectable dress: A women is ultra-feminine when she wears a dress and it’s as simple as that.
  4. A jazzy jacket: To quote Kendall Farr from her new book, Style Evolution, “a jacket that fits well defines the body and is the most essential wardrobe miracle worker for women of every shape and size”. I wholeheartedly agree that a superb jacket does incomparable things for one’s style.
  5. A happening hairstyle: Your hair can make or break your look. Our outfits feel most fab when our hair feels fab. Not so?
  6. A spectacular smile: This isn’t exactly a wardrobe item but you do wear a smile. When I catch a glimpse of warm and genuine smile, I don’t even notice the outfit the person is wearing. Instead, I’m totally captivated by their face. You don’t need to have perfect teeth or luscious lips to have a spectacular smile. A brilliant grin straight from the heart does the trick.
Does this list resonate with you? How would you change the list? How many of the items do you have covered?


  1. Completely agree with this list! I need a beautiful pair of boots methinks! And it's great that you have a smile on here. Most people often forget that

    Thanks for stopping by me :)

  2. i'm pretty sure a smile is number one! for me, I'd put a trench coat of some sort on there, a dependable handbag, a snazzy hat (for bad hair days), a pencil skirt and a twirly skirts (sometimes you just want to dance and have your skirt dance with you!) xx

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ry79LzkkDb4

    Worth remembering!

    My list would include a fail-safe dress, and a really good bra.