Thursday, September 23, 2010

Daily Outfit: You can't See Me

Good early morning ladies (and Pete and Wilbur :)  I was up and out early this morning to catch the 7am ferry to Vancouver for a Productivity Workshop and in fact, I am on the ferry writing this now!  You can't see me, but I am waving to you.  Hi Jess!!  Hey Colette, you would love the earrings I am wearing... :)  Rita- don't call me at work today, I'm not there!! Anyway. I am wearing this loose blouse with a pair of straightleg jeans and my snakeskin patterned flats.  This is comfort wear for a day of looking at where and how I waste my time at work and in my life (nooooo, never) and how to be more peaceful AND productive.  My colleague and I are doing this course so it helps with effective time and project management and we are both really excited about it.  She is wearing Lululemon clothes so will be ultra comfortable as well- and I am jealous of her since she is gorgeous and ALWAYS looks good- even with no makeup!!.  Vancouver is a pretty gorgeous and clean city with lots of mountains and of course, GOOD SHOPPING!   
I will be back tomorrow with a proper outfit for you, I promise!!  Have a super awesome day and if you are interested in being more productive I am happy to share what I learn.
*Side note : I think they might tell me that reading fashion blogs during work hours is a distraction but I beg to differ :)


  1. It's not a fact, I would say that it's research for how one can look even better at work. So there. YOu should be getting paid for it. No question. :-) And boo to not being able to call you at work today. I totally was going to.

    Have a great day in Vancouver..and although we can't see your outfit, it sounds fab!

  2. Hope you had a good day chickie...I cant wait to see the earrings...maybe just a little pic later? lol

    I bet you look FAB in what you are wearing:)

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  3. Wait, maybe I do see you!? Oh, no, it's just a little bird ;-) What a fun way to go to work!! Much better than the bus that I take :-)

    Happy Friday Dear! xo

  4. Hahha! Such a fun post. I'm sure if I looked at that ferry hard enough, you just might jump out at me!
    I've heard such lovely things about Vancouver but haven't gotten the chance to head west myself.
    Sounds like a nice enough trip for work. Enjoy, and have a lovely weekend!

  5. Hi Jodi, I totally saw you on the ferry :P or not lol, I hope you had a great workshop!