Sunday, September 5, 2010

Daily Outfit: Long Weekend

What a relaxing long weekend. AND it happens to be our 9 year anniversary today.  We went to brunch with our fellow teammates to celebrate our Ironman finish and then fiance and I went for a long walk with the camera to walk off all the food we ate.  Shhh but heres an idea of what I ate: bacon, croissants, smoked salmon, eggs benedict, brie, pecan pie and chocolate banana pudding with LOTS of whipped cream.  What you don't know about me is I never eat this kind of stuff!! We are organic, raw foods, very healthy eaters so this was a binge-fest.  I must admit, I loved it!!!  On our walk I of course stopped by a couple of shops and am so excited about the 3 new items I got at an extreme sale: snakeskin print wide belt, animal print scarf and a long multiple-strand chain necklace.. can't wait to put together some new outfits!!  The pic above isn't so flattering and I am defying some of the rules for my body type (avoid this kind of top and lower-waisted pants) but whatever, its the weekend :).  Hope you are all having a great one too!!


  1. Happy Anniversary Jodi..and you look amazing in that color blouse:) Great outfit!!

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! you look lovely and so chic! love the outfit

  3. Happy anniversary Jodi. Sounds like a yummy meal!

  4. Love love LOVE the photos! You look positively hot!! and the hair is fabulous!! Yay for a long weekend to enjoy!!1 xoxo Oh and happy anniversary!!