Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lovely Ladies: Trish

My Seriously Sparkly Tour de France

I recently traveled for a month through France and found the pack for the trip the most simplistic I have ever experienced. Due to the airline regulations of baggage and the fact I was going to be train hopping, I was committed to easily managing bags on my own.  I packed for 7 days and made sure I could mix and match each item. My most favorite items that I wore daily on my trip were my sparkly bling shoes, my seriously sparkly back pack, and one of my 7 colourful silk scarves.


My bling sparkly shoes ended up being perfect for walking, even though I had brought ‘sensible sandals’, I ended up wearing my bling ones as they had me feel so feminine and sexy no matter where I was or what I wearing.  My seriously sparkly back pack became the theme of my whole trip, hence ‘Seriously Sparkly Tour’.  I loved the sparkles as well it was a very sensible item to have. And did I mention how much I loved the sparkles.?  Sure beat dressing down with a pack from MEC.  And my silk scarves....ooooo....the moment I would wrap one around my neck, my inner goddess immerged.  In fact..she took over.  I felt sexy and capable where ever I was...and if I ever had a moment of feeling lost on what ever road I traveled, I would just touch my scarf to remind myself of sexy capable me. 


  1. Did you love the sparkles woman?? hahaha....JK:)
    I think you look great...and whats better than looking great and being comfy?? not much....:)

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  2. Nothing better then looking great.. and being comfy! So fun. :)