Sunday, September 19, 2010


~ Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been. ~  Mark Twain

Happy Sunday. I was just looking through my blog and really see how much I don't smile in my pictures.  I'm a happy person and I do laugh and goof around alot.  In fact sometimes I try to be a bit less goofy.  I always just think I don't have a naturally smiley face, but maybe  that's not true?  Maybe I am just not capturing the moment well when I take my own pics. Hard to say.  But what it makes me think about is, if this is how I look in pictures, maybe this is what people see on my face on a day to day basis.  And if so, maybe I don't look all  that friendly (at least that's what I think :).  Anyway, I am going to ponder this abit as well as play around with smiling.  Today is my smiling experiment (not sure what exactly that means but I will come back and let you know :)

Do you consider yourself 'naturally smiley' and if not, how do you capture your smile for photos?


  1. Hi dollie.....funny you mention this..I got a comment the other day on my blog that I should smile more too...well is what it is:)
    I like consistency in my photos....and yea, its kinda tough to smile when theres a tripod smiling back at you, lol...I think you look fabulous, truly, smile or no smile...and Id go shopping with you ANYDAY!!!

    Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!
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  2. I noticed that about your blog too. In fact "great bod, no smile" was my first impression. I am obnoxiously smiley! I think that smiling makes ya look more open, accessible, relatable... give it a shot!

  3. Yes girl you need to cheese it up! Lol. I've tried the no-smiling-looking-like-a-model-staring-blankly-into-space crap for some pics and I looked too odd! I wasn't always a smiler though. When I was younger I had to overcome hating my lips and big teeth. Now I love em and am always smiling! I think it adds to me being photogenic (as you called me)! Lol I don't think I am, but thank you! That made my day. Anyhow start smiling more and soon it'll become a natural thing for you! Just look at the camera and think of the best compliment someone has ever given you or whatever it is that'll make you smile.


  4. My early photos had a tight-lipped smile that wasn't really a smile; then I realized how lucky I am to have the opportunity to express myself with a fashion-blog and I started really smiling. In fact, my smiles are now so broad and deep that I often break out into laughter at the sheer joy I'm feeling.

    I think we should display what we're feeling inside emotionally and not use dour expressions like professional models. This is our chance to be happy, so why hold back?!

  5. I'd like to think I have a good mix of smiling and stoic faced photos in my mix. While the desire to look like a perfect model urges me not to smile, I also know that I will probably look prettier if I do, so I like to get a few frames with a huge grin.

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  6. Whoa! How fun! Look at your blog growing! Love it! And uhm..yes. I'd say I was very much a naturally smiley person. In fact, I'd even be willing to say that when I don't face doesn't look so good. lol...can't wait to see a smiley photo like in real life!

  7. It's so funny that you posted this. I feel like I've had the opposite problem. It's really hard for me to not smile or laugh in an outfit pic. I've tried to be serious or angsty or lightly bemused to fit my schema as a fashion blogger. But I gave up. I'm Sucky at being serious and I've embraced my inner goofball.