Friday, April 15, 2016

Pink Schoolgirl

Well. My man laughed and laughed when he saw me in this outfit.  I asked "why the hell are you laughing?" and he just said " You NEVER wear stuff like this. It looks good. It's just so different".
I wouldn't have thought it was THAT different but oh well.  Then I went to work and 6 people immediately said I LOVE your dress, or some version of that.  In addition I got 3 specific compliments on the color.  I must admit I DO love the color and I actually avoided pink all through my younger days as I didn't want people to think I was too girly. Go figure!!

Am off to San Francisco for the weekend. Can't wait.  I LOVE that city so much.  Have a super weekend and see you all next week.


  1. This is a FABULOUS outfit, Jodi! Well done! I'm not surprised you got scads of compliments! The raincoat is the perfect topper. Have fun in SF - love it there.

  2. I adore this whole outfit and would gladly take it off your hands : )

    Have fun on your trip! I also adore SF.


  3. aww thanks everyone. I DO love love love the color for sure. I wasnt sure about the style so is interesting to hear your feedback on it. Much appreciated :)