Thursday, April 14, 2016

Coral Blazer

Time to break out more color.  I can't believe I haven't posted for this long either. I've been taking photos, just haven't taken time to post them. Sorry about that- I have been checking in and lurking on all your blogs though :)
I actually don't mind the cut and fit of this blazer, the collar is better than they usually are and I think I'll keep this one since I have such a hard time finding blazers that fit me properly. Am going to try with a skirt next time though as I don't like how I look in these pants.

Was just down in the US for another awesome trail race. I had to climb 6,000 ft elevation gain. OUCHY that was a good workout for the legs thats for sure.  It was a great time, beautiful day and excellent people.  The next race is a 100km alpine race so gotta get more training in.  Yes I do.
Except my pant legs are getting tighter cuz my leg muscles are getting bigger :(


  1. I love all this colour on you, Jodi! You look awesome in that lovely red. For blazers, I prefer a 2 or more button style - one-buttons tend to gape on me (boobs!). Strong legs are the best - be proud of them!

  2. This color is fantastic on you! You look wonderful! And those pants are perfect on you, at least from where I'm sitting!


  3. Lovely colour on you and I like the printed blouse that you are wearing...a great ensemble.
    Perfect for our spring weather!

    1. Thanks for the comments, I love this color too.. the trick is finding the clothing that suits me in this color :)