Monday, April 18, 2016

Houndstooth and Red

Wow, I had a super trip to San Francisco. I love that city. So awesome. I walked so much. Just sight seeing and enjoying people watching. Lots of excellent restaurants and coffee shops.  Wish I had a few more days there but back to  work it was for me today!  I can only wear this pencil skirt on days I use the car. NO way can I ride my bike in this one :)   I also love this red top, super comfy and fitted. I have never liked wearing those flowy kind of tshirt material tops that hang and move around. Makes me feel fat and frumpy.

Hope you all had a super weekend and an excellent start to your week.


  1. You were made for pencil skirts, Jodi! This looks awesome on you. I'm not a fan of t-shirt materials in my clothing, in general. Give me "real" fabric any day! Glad you had fun in SF!

  2. Gorgeous! So classy.

    I imagine you can't even mount your bike in this! LOL