Friday, October 23, 2015

More Black and Grey

Not exactly planned but seems I've worn nothing but black and grey all week. Oh boy. Intervention is needed soon!!  Broke out and worn a high bun today too which meant I rode my bike illegally to work because I didn't wear a helmet. Its the law here to wear bike helmets.  Well, its a short ride and I rode fast so no police officer would see or catch me :)  Can't sacrifice a hair do for safety right?

I'm off trail running on saturday and a birthday spa for one of my bff''s this weekend.  Then next week a short week because I'M OFF TO MAUI!! Oh that beach will feel soooo good!

Happy Weekend.


  1. Have a fun trip! You lucky dog!


  2. Woo, have fun in Maui! I haven't been there in years!

    Gosh, you have a killer figure - I can't wait to dress you. I saw a wonderful magenta wool 80s pencil skirt for under $7 (gorgeous, fully-lined, high waist, made in Canada!) at the WIN Warehouse store in the vintage section - it was a smidge big on me (I'm verging into 4-6 lately, instead of my usual 6-8), and I thought of you.

    1. I can't imagine anything more exciting to see than the results of Fashion Maven Sheila styling Fit and Beautiful Jodi. A collaboration of the gods!