Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I got all excited when I found this dress because its a really expensive Dutch brand and well made. The price was a steal!  I tried it on and wasn't sure about it. I came out and asked the lady working in the store what she thought and she said "OMG, girl, that dress was MADE for you. It fits you perfectly."  So I went back in, got changed back into my clothes and then proceeded to purchase the dress.  I still wasn't completely convinced.

I come home from work today after wearing it (and no comments like WOW, I like your dress so thats always a sign) and ask the hubby what he thinks... "the colors abit dull.... and it kind of looks like a sack...."  Nuff said.  That was what I had originally thought to myself in the changeroom.

I'd say what doesn't work is that its not a good length for me, the color is okay and the cut is not completely flattering (I also better suit more structured pieces).

I'm curious about your HONEST opinion on this and maybe even ideas for how to better style it.

Its all for the learning right? :)


  1. Arg, these t-shirt fabric dresses! On one hand, I do love them - they are comfy and easy to wear - but on the other, they can often read as casual (as in one step away from pajamas). I like this dress, but it's too casual for my taste. If you prefer structured clothes, stay away from the knits like this.

    The colour is lovely on you, though! And the length is really good. I feel like all that business in the middle is supposed to disguise a tummy (which you do not have), you know?

    I'd be tempted to try to put a belt on it, or layer a jacket over it to structure it up.

    1. Thanks Sheila, I'm in total agreement, the t-shirt type dresses never do feel quite right on me and I'm inclined to use a belt with everything :)

  2. Personally I think it could be a bit shorter. You have great legs, you need to show them off. I agree with Sheila about the thing meant to cover up a belly, which you don't have at all.

    Belting it with a blazer on top will really change the look of this. When the piece is so plain it'll take more accessories to give it some "wow" factor.

    I hate it when you can't trust the opinion of a shop keeper.


  3. It's not a bad dress but it's not right for you. As Sheila and Suzanne correctly observe, the dress helps girls who aren't as fit as you. It does nothing to help you. The color is okay but I agree with Suzanne it could be shorter. I can't see the neckline under the scarf and would jettison the scarf which doesn't work. I'd add a long necklace to echo the vertical pleats in the middle of the dress. Given the monochrome look of the dress, I'd choose a necklace of contrasting color, possibly yellow.

  4. Awesome, thanks for the feedback.. I'll try it with a belt and blazer next time for fun and then otherwise give it away to the perfect person for the dress :)

  5. I think the dress is gorgeous! I like the front interest, and the graceful movement the front fullness gives you. I like the color. I like the sweatery look of it, esp with the big scarf....Maybe a different color for the scarf. I even like the length, although I think you could wear a shorter dress and it might look better with leggings and a little shorter. Work out the right accessories and wear that one into the ground.