Thursday, October 22, 2015

Stretchy Pants

Happy Thursday. I dressed for comfort today. I had a planning day which meant in my office all day thinking and planning.  These boots remind me of Santa boots too.  I prefer a wee bit of a heel or lift to my shoe/boot however these were really comfy.  One of my favorite scarves too because I love birds.

I don't think I shared with you that I'm also on Day 16 of the Whole30 eating plan. I pretty much eat this healthy most of the time but following this diligently has been really good.  I'm going down the other side now (more than half way through is what I mean) and my energy has only been going up more and more. Today I felt like a superhero like I was pretty much running up the stairs everytime I had to use them. CRAZY. And fun :)

How was your day? Have you ever done Whole30?


  1. I love the scarf - so cute. I've been looking for a pair of black boots - I need a basic riding boot style, but finding one I like has been challenging, especially since I try to shop only second-hand or ethically made. Yeah, challenging.

    Lol, I live that program - WW promotes eating whole, unprocessed foods - been doing it for years. Amazing how you can eat more and lose weight and have more energy if you stop eating crap!

  2. Love the scarf!

    I don't believe in diets. Any time I've ever gone on one I gain weight. That said, I eat pretty well, no meat, very little dairy and not much bread but that is because I don't like the taste of meat, am lactose intolerant and don't care much for loads of bread unless it is homemade.


  3. There's a war going on here. The scarf claims that it's the star of the outfit; the boots disagree. The boots say they're so badass and cool that they deserve all the credit. The scarf yells at the boots and says they need to get back in the closet.

  4. I've never tried the whole 30 plan but I do the Weight Watchers Points Program. I love eating wholesome unprocessed foods that are healthy as they stay with me and keep me satisfied longer than junk foods.
    Like Sheila, I need some new boots...I have short booties but am craving a pair of equestrian style leather ones for Fall and Winter.