Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sending Love to my Fashionista Bloggers

Happy Saturday!!  I have been so busy at work I basically grab an outfit and get out the door to work. I haven't made time to take outfit photos, and to be honest, haven't felt like I've been wearing anything blog worthy.  That said, during this time, because of all the outfits I have put together and assessed through looking at my photos and hearing your comments, I can easily grab an outfit that I know will look good. That is a total change from the past.

I don't know about you, but I am a perfectionist. I have always had very high standards for myself and often beat myself up for not being good enough.  Over the years I have gotten immense freedom from this habit and am alot more forgiving of myself and take an attitude of doing my best given what I have to work with.  Why I say this is because I notice that it's easy to forget progress that is made along the way, or remembering where you came from, what changes have occurred.  I look  back at how much I have blossomed in terms of what I wear and how I express myself through clothes and makeup and its easy to forget that I hardly had any style before.  And now people comment all the time about my great outfits and how I look.  That is awesome.  That is exciting. And the thing I love about it the most is that I can inspire others to see that they too can have more freedom to explore how they want to express themselves-- to wear clothes that they love and feel good in.  I have cleaned out closets of friends, I have created a network of friends who I often send outfit ideas to that would suit them, I have taken people shopping, I have given people clothes and I have even helped with color combinations for interior decorating.  This is the great thing about blogging and all that I have learned.  I GET TO SHARE IT, PAY IT FORWARD!!  That rocks.

Anyway, the ladies above a from a window in Montreal and they caught my eye and I just wanted to send a little note to each of you who have helped me on my fashion/self expression journey because I have learned something from each of your little pieces of the big internet world. So thank you. Thank you for being so generous with your photos, ideas and sharing of your selves and your lives.  Each of you have made a big difference for me and how I can make a difference for others!!!

Have a Super Awesome Saturday!!! xoxo Jodi


  1. This is such a great post! You have come such a long way Jodi! My mum and I are always looking forward to your fashion posts, so don't ever stop!

    Hope your having a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh, Jodi, this is a wonderful post.

    You have a Super Awesome Saturday too!!

  3. Don't know if I am one you have learned from, but like you I am well aware of the benefits of style blogging. Lately, colleagues have begun to ask what is the best thrift store to shop!

  4. I agree that the sharing and inspiration we give each other is the best part of fashion-blogging. Your posts have often inspired and encouraged me in important ways.

    I know you'll think this is crazy but, sometime, I'd love to see you wear a wig. Like one of these here. Even if it's just for fun. I think you'll enjoy the instant (reversible) transformation wigs create.

  5. what a nice post. I know your blog always inspires me to challenge myself!