Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Green Sweater Green Skirt

And Yes, the Jolly Green Giant today!  While my sweater may look black in the photo, it is actually a dark mossy green color, and scarf is purple.  I am having a challenge putting together outfits these days-am feeling very uncreative in this area.  I do like the monotone look with some simple pop of color or texture so may play with that.  I also need to visit around all my gal pal blogs for ideas-- something I have not been doing for a long time!!

I swam about 4 km this morning and then tonight have a potluck party to go to.  I hope they know the GREEN GIANT will be joining them, along with my very healthy salad item!!

I hope you are all having a super Wednesday.  Hard to believe it's mid week already.  My favorite thought for today:

                  " When you operate with integrity it is a natural state to be in".