Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Workplace Appropriate?

Well Hello!!  I am away at yet again another conference for work. This is the last one for awhile.  I can tell you I am tired of living out of hotels and not always getting my workouts in due to crappy hotel gyms or weather that is too cold outside!!

Okay, today's musing.  Yesterday at the conference I saw several ladies wearing what I would think is inappropriate work attire.  Tight black leggings, tight fitted leopard see- through blouse (waist- length) and big knee high stiletto boots.  Don't get me wrong- this outfit was pretty hot, but more for a night club or outing with the girls.  The other outfit was similar except the boots were knee high patent stiletto and the top was fire engine red with very low cleavage.

These ladies are in the healthcare field. Maybe I am just a prude but I was wondering how seriously people take them if they dress like that at work?  Now I know this is a whole area of debate that touches on a wide range of issues so  I am curious what you think about wearing these kind of clothes in a professional workplace setting.


  1. I agree you need a line to be drawn when it comes to SEXY WORK WEAR... however at a conference I think that's a whole other ball game. I believe they stepped over the line.


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  2. That is such a hard one...by the sounds of it I would say not appropriate! I think the boots would probably be fine if they hadn't been paired with such tight and revealing clothes though, because I do love the idea of a sexy heel with classy clothes :)

    Natasha ~ TashaDelrae.com

  3. I would agree with you, Jodi. These ladies are not just representing themselves, they are also representing the companies they work for. If they want to advance the ladder and be taken seriously they need to watch the attire. The message they are sending does not belong in the workplace. I know I am older, but I would ask people remember I have lived and learned. This will not work.

  4. True, that stuff is not always appropriate. I don't dress majorly "hoochie", lol, but I do dress way different for work than let's say if I went out at night. Like the kind of stuff I'd wear to church, that's what I wear. Just want to be respected and it's hard enough being a woman in the workplace as it is!

  5. Sounds a little inappropriate to me!!

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  7. Talked to a fashion advisor here and she said if you wear it to the gym or the bar then you shouldn't be wearing it to work. Even fleece is not good for work in her opinion.