Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Blazer

Last week I told you I found a blazer that I actually like. It's office-y, which is what I needed for the occasional meeting.  

This outfit is pretty conservative but I did have to go to a fairly conservative meeting yesterday.  Next time I'll spice this up with abit more color- different blouse or something.  I like the fit and the neckline of this blazer though.  Not bad for $6!!

This was my friday casual outfit.

You've heard me rant about stripes before. I continue to battle with them. Meaning. I continue to try to wear them despite them not wanting to be worn by me.  Sometimes I just sacrifice style for comfort. Friday was a paperwork day and I didnt have any meetings so not many people saw me anyway!

Heck, who doesn't feel good with a pink scarf on?
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

Happy Tuesday! I hope you are all wearing something that you feel awesome in today.