Thursday, March 24, 2016

Leather Lady

I was wondering if my google analytics would go up simply because I put 'Leather' in the title of my post. Ha ha. A few years ago I had someone following me who kept telling me about the leather pants he wore, that he couldn't stop wearing leather pants to work.  Every time I happened to post something about leather he was back.  Well hello MR LEATHER if you are back reading this :)

I was inspired by Suzanne's recent post on chic leather style about all her awesome leather and it reminded me I had this skirt. Since it was a day I was driving to work I thought I'd wear it.  Not sure I would attempt to ride my bike in this outfit :)

And then there are these ' Fergalicious' leopard lined boots. I don't wear them all that often. The heel is abit narrow and I actually had even forgotten I had them.

I got lots of compliments at work and comments like " wow, leather!"  This made me think of some of the stories Sheila told me about wearing leather to work.   NO, I did not smack my butt at the photocopier and say "Who's your daddy".. hah hah
Happy Thursday.


  1. Ha! I never did the photocopier! ;-P

    You look AMAZING in this skirt, Jodi! Keep wearing it! I get all kinds of creepy analytics in my stats, especially for "old lady nude" - zoiks! Ignore them!

  2. Wow! I LOVE it! That is a FANfriggingtastic skirt! No doubt you got compliments.

    I had one guy that liked specifically red leather. Oh yeah. Leather isn't enough. It had to be RED leather.

    I think it is extra cool that those boots are lined with leopard. It is like a naughty secret you're keeping : )

    Thanks for the shout-out!


  3. I really love this look probably because of the great color you threw in with the accessories!! Very professional yet hip & rockin'!! jodie

  4. Looking good in leather skirt!! Great outfit!!

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  5. I don't think I'm revealing any secrets when I say that leather has sexual associations. So when an attractive fit lady like you wears it, men's eyes bug out of their heads.

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