Friday, June 19, 2015

New Favorite Top

I would never have bought this top. Its long and straight- meant to be worn untucked likely and on a rail thin girl or someone who suits straight cut untucked. Thats NOT ME. I like it and tryed it on anyway and had this skirt in mind.  I actually quite like it and nice to have a pop of color with the black.

I've been working late night preparing for a big board meeting coming up can't wait for this weekend since I'm doing a really challenging trail run/mountain climb.  There might even be snow up there.  Will report back on Monday assuming I make it out alive :P

Happy Weekend


  1. Good luck this weekend. I can imagine a physical challenge on your days off relieves some of the stresses from the work week. I just love long walks.
    Cute top! It's dressy with a skirt but hints toward the sporty side of you.

  2. Great look, Jodi! Good luck for the weekend.

  3. You and I are alike in that we have some major curves and tucked always looks best, otherwise we look like we just gained 30 lbs. I like the bold floral print.


  4. Hope you're still alive! Cute, colorful top.

  5. Have you done the Kusam Klimb? Some of my coworkers do it every year.