Thursday, June 11, 2015

Crazy Top

My busy crazy top. I like it though since it's fitted.  AND I feel about 70% in this outfit.. something about it. You know when you put on some outfits you just feel FANTASTIC?  I wasn't feeling the omph with this one.  That said it's usually the feeling that comes first and can impact the way you pull off the outfit.

It's so busy at work right now I'm on the edge of feeling like I'm dropping balls. AND I'm a productivity queen, which means its REALLY busy right now.  I missed my lunchtime workout (TRX  class) so was bit miffed about that-- I could see the clock ticking and yadda yadda they were going on and on and I couldn't leave. I was no longer listening either as I was busy thinking "I'm missing my workout for THIS??"  

How was YOUR day?


  1. My day was good. Thank you for asking. Saw my deceased brother's wife and kids, who are visiting from Rhode Island. We dined at an old restaurant my parents loved 50 years ago. Still looks the same and the food still tastes the same. How is that possible?

  2. Love this busy top, it's a great representation of your busy life. ;) I like to think being busy burns more calories so it counts for exercise! lol