Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pink Loft Top

It's warm enough to wear shorts to work now and my legs are also brown enough :)  From all the gardening I've been doing lately I'm getting a bit of a tan (I know its bad but I love it anyway:).

I really like this t-shirt from loft.  I like the soft color and also the softness of the silk on it.  I don't see myself as a 'soft-clothing-wearing-kinda-gal' so this is a nice change for me:)

Since I was so sick with that stoopid cold virus this past few weeks I'm currently doing alot of juicing as a way to flood my body with awesome goodness from all the vitamins and enzymes from the fruit and veggies. I feel really awesome and energized from it also.    I came across the Aussie guy Joe who lost tons of weight on a juice diet. Thats unreal. Not sure how anyone can do nothing but juice for months on end.  Must have willpower like an ox.

Have you ever tried juicing?

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