Thursday, May 21, 2015

Classic Chic

I can tell my fashion mojo has been missing for quite awhile. Today right off the bat I got 2 compliments: " Wow, great skirt--love your outfit", "You look really good today".
Compliments on my OUTFIT???  I can't remember the last time I got that kind of compliment which tells me that I've been dressing so usual and boring that no one has noticed anything that stands out or looks good (and at least taken a moment to acknowledge it).

I've got a big closet clean out scheduled and am going to get rid of alot of stuff and make room for some new things. Even a couple of new items can make a big difference and they dont even have to be expensive.  I recently saw this post about key items for updating your wardrobe:  8 Spring Updates for Business Casual.  I think I'm going to go shopping soon!!


  1. Sex-hay! Love this classy chic look. I can see why you got the compliments.


  2. This is attractive. And will pull in compliments like a magnet.

    Yay for the shopping! A few well-selected pieces will perk up your wardrobe and mood. Good luck hunting!